Rabbit in Montreal

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Rabbit that needs a home in Montreal

5 year old female (NOT spayed), no health problems detected by vet. Currently on diet of veggies and hay (no pellets for now, she is overweight). She has a gentle/friendly demeanor, likes petting and attention but does not really like to be picked up. Unknown if she is good with children or not. She does not come with a cage.

She was dumped between the entrance doors of the vet a few months ago and needs a good home with dedicated bunny-savvy owners. She will be housed as long as it takes to find a good home, and will not be put to sleep :)

Contact me for more information:


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To the poor girl in Missouri who accidentally hanged herself at the haunted house, I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you come out of it ok. What a horrible thing that happened and on what was supposed to be such a great day.

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone.

severed feet

Today I was watching the news and they said that severed feet are washing up on the shores of Vancouver. Apparently they've found 10 in just a couple years. So now I'm wondering, where are the rest of the body parts? Do they have funerals for the feet if they find out who the feet belong to? SOMEONE tell me.


So I was asked to do makeup and hair for two different Vogue runway shows this coming February. These will be photographed and will almost certainly appear in the magazine.

Holy crap.